12 Cat Life Hacks That’ll Change Your Life

You’ve come to the right place if you own a cat, want to acquire one, or simply enjoy browsing through adorably cat photos. This post is for you if you’re wondering what there is to it.

Many people are under the impression that adopting your first cat is simple. Cats are known for being self-assured and independent thinkers. A little water, food, and company throughout the day should be enough. Anyone who has a tiny furball at home understands how difficult it is to keep them happy and out of trouble.

To keep your cat happy, you must pay attention to it and even invest time instructing it to appreciate a good relationship with you. When training your cat, it’s essential to make sure that he has a firm grasp on the basics such as where to pee and not to drop the litter.

cat owner hacks

Adopting a cat is work, but if you know what you’re doing, it doesn’t have to be very hard. Whether you’re looking to bring a furry friend into your life or learn more about how to take care of your cat, open the next page and explore 12 life hacks are sure to help.

1. Invest In A Scratching Post

Invest In A Scratching Post

Another issue that cat guardians may encounter is when their cats sink their claws into their furniture and demolish their new sofa! Cats require an outlet for scratching. If you don’t want this to happen on your furniture, give them something they’re allowed to rip apart with their claws.

Cats scratch furniture to shorten their nails, but they may be trained to use the scratching post instead. If you’re purchasing a scratching post, consider one that appeals to you since it’ll soon become a part of your decor.

2. After Playing With A Laser, Give Your Cat A Treat

After Playing With A Laser, Give Your Cat A Treat

Everyone prefers games with a reward at the end to keep up motivation. Cats are born hunters, so they may become irritated and frustrated when there is no opportunity to “chase” their prey. A laser pointer is a toy that allows you to interact with and spend time with your cat.

You may offer your cat with their favorite treat just before packing up the laser pointer. If your cat is attacking you, appeal to them using the laser instead of engaging in conflict. To make your cat happier and more energetic, give it a reward for its good play.

3. Put A Box On Your Desk

cat boxes

Cats are adorable, but they may also become a burden if you work from home. They want to be around you all of the time, so they may lounge on your desk, keyboard, and any other area that is approximately big enough to hold them. Providing a special place for them on your desk can help prevent this.

Cats like to sit in open boxes, so your keyboard will most likely be ignored by them. You may easily find a big box that is comfortable and close with a large working desk. Now you have the freedom to work without being disturbed.

4. Feed Your Cats Away From Their Water

cats 6

Water is essential for people, so it should be accessible to a person at all times. However, the situation is different for cats. When your cat is eating, avoid keeping water around him. Cats are used to obtaining their water from a distinct source than their food. They dislike seeing or smelling their dinner while they drink water.

When their water and food are placed too close to each other, cats dislike it. They may think that putting the water and meals close together contaminates the water. You should provide both food and drink in distinct locations within the house, or serve water after they’ve finished eating.

5. Feed Your Cat More Wet Foods

Feed Your Cat More Wet Foods

Cats require water to stay hydrated, and wet meals can provide it for them. Dry foods make your cats more likely to suffer from diabetes and dehydration. When they eat dry food, they may have a greater carbohydrate level than is recommended for cats to remain healthy.

Include a mix of wet and dry food in your cat’s diet when planning it. However, make sure there are enough wet foods in the meal plan. Choose low-carbohydrate, grain-free dry meals instead of grains. Keep an eye on the nutritional value of your cat’s meals.

6. Use Vinegar And Baking Soda To Clean Up Accidents

Use Vinegar And Baking Soda for cats

Cats are accident-prone since they are boisterous. They have a strong desire to splash and topple most things within their reach, just like labels warn against storing items near children. We believe that homeowners should keep items out of cat’s reach much as the label says “Keep away from children.”

You will no doubt run into difficulties even though you try to keep things out of the cat’s reach. For your cleanings, go with homemade and low-cost items. Baking soda aids in the removal of undesirable scents while vinegar destroys germs. Before vacuuming, use baking soda for 30-60 minutes.

7. Place Aluminum Foil Or Masing Tape On A Surface To Keep Your Cat Away

Surface To Keep Your Cat Away

Cats enjoy roaming, but some are more energetic than others. Your cat may be more interested in playing on your baby’s cot, bed, or kitchen table. It may be adorable until you have to clean up dirt and hair every time you clean surfaces that have just been cleaned.

If you’ve had enough of cleaning, we’ve got a hack for you. Cover the surfaces your cats enjoy playing on with aluminum foil. The sound of the foil will deter them from visiting these areas. Masking tape with the sticky side up is another option. Nobody wants to get caught in that sort of thing.

8. Prevent Shedding With Frequent Brushing

Prevent Shedding for cats

The shedding of a cat’s fur is an involuntary process that occurs without them being aware. The frequency and pace of shedding vary from cat to cat. You’ll frequently find plenty of hair in locations where your cat spends a lot of time, such as their coat and on items like beds and furniture.

When cats shed, they naturally lose hair, although the amount and volume of shedding vary. When your cat shaves, you’re likely to find a lot of hair all over the place. The hair is frequently found on clothes, beds, and furniture.

9. Get Clumping Litter

Clumping Litter

Whether you’re a first-time cat owner or have owned one for years, cleaning the litter box may not be pleasant. To avoid unpleasant smells, make sure to clean the litter box every day. You’ll need equipment to ensure that your home is scent-free during cleaning.

Litter that clumps together makes cleaning a lot easier and less time-consuming. It directs you to the portions that require more attention, and it ensures you don’t overlook any areas. When litter clumps together, it’s easy to tell when everything has been cleaned out of all the nooks and crannies.

10. DIY Hanging Window Basket Cat Perch

DIY Hanging Window Basket Cat Perch

It is possible that “as inquisitive as a cat” explains why cats are always looking out to find out what’s going on. To have a better perspective of the events occurring around them, acquire a window perch for your cat to sit in throughout the day. This will guarantee that your cats are not bored.

Make a unique DIY basket perch for your pet. Make one that fits your cat’s dimensions and the colors of your house. To make the basket pleasant for your cat, fill it with blankets to keep it warm. Place the basket next to the window to allow your cat a fantastic view of what’s going on in the outside world.

11. Reduce Litter Box Odor Using Green Tea Or Baking Soda

Reduce Litter Box Odour

It’s critical to teach your cat to use the toilet. You must prevent them from urinating in undesirable locations such as corners of your home or on your clothes. It is your duty as their trainer to ensure that your litter box is always clean for them. Make sure they are emptied as soon as they become full.

It’s important to keep in mind that failing to remove feces from the home might produce a foul odor. If not properly removed, litter may cause your house to smell terrible. You may use baking soda or pieces of green tea leaves to eliminate the odor by dropping them in the litter box. It will cure the noxious smell in your home.

12. Give Your Cat Running Water

Give Your Cat Running Water

Water is essential for every creature, and it is impossible to live without a sufficient water supply. Water requirements are just as important to your cat as they are to you. Make certain you have enough drinking water available for your pets. Because they can see the source of the flow, your cat will prefer a moving water supply over a stagnant one.

As a result, instead of giving your cats water in a dish, offer them water from a running source. Aside from ensuring that your cat has enough hydration, the moving water would attract and divert it. Obtain a pet water fountain so you can leave it on without supervision.