21 Gifts for Home Cooks: 2020 WWL Gift Guide

Know a home cook? Are you someone who loves to cook at home? Boy, do we have the ultimate gift list for you!

This batch of gifts for home cooks is great for the holiday season, but I’d love to remind you, dear reader, that gifts are appropriate at all times of the year! Bookmark this post for future birthdays, anniversaries, mothers/fathers’ day, siblings day, grandparents day or the “just because” occasions to get the home cook in your life a memorable and practical gift.

Pro tip: when you give a home cook a gift they love, chances are they’ll cook something delicious for you with their new tool!

Most of these gifts ideas for home cooks are pieces of equipment that I’ve actually received over the years, so I can vet them as both practical and memorable.

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Gifts for Home Cooks Of All Levels

1. A Brand New Cookware Set

gifts for home cooks equalparts cookware

To say I’m obsessed with my Equal Parts pan would be an understatement. My new red nonstick (and nontoxic) essential skillet has quickly become my favorite tool, which is why it’s at the top of the list. These pans will LAST too.

You can grab one pan from this set or the whole set for a home cook in your life for 10% off when you use the link above.

An 8″ Chef’s Knife

gifts for home cook nakano knife

A good chef’s knife is essential for any home cook. Do you or someone you know complain about how hard it is to chop winter squashes? It’s time for a new knife! This one is comfortable, affordable and looks amazing.

Use code TALIA at checkout for 10% off this beautiful Nakano chef’s knife.

Le Creuset 5.5 Qt Dutch Oven

I received this as a gift last year and I absolutely adore it. These last a lifetime and are so special – so get this for the special home cook in your life.

Le Creuset makes high-quality dutch ovens, pans, baking dishes and more, but their dutch ovens are iconic and come in amazing colors. I have the red one pictured above!

Food52 Apron

gifts for people who like to cook - aprons

My partner got me this apron for my birthday (in pink!) and I adore it. It’s minimal in design but has tons of features made with home cooks in mind. There are special pockets and the bottom part of this apron doubles as oven mitts! I love the fabric too – it’s machine-washable and feels high-quality.

Gifts For Foodies

Cooking Classes

Are you more into experience gifts? Give the gift of a cooking class with a pro! Cooking classes are a fun virtual activity you can do with a friend or family member even if you’re not in the same state or country. It’s an awesome way to help a home cook with their skills and enjoy a memorable meal together.

Linked above are classes from my favorite Home Cooking school: Home Cookin NY. Jennifer, the founder, has been teaching for 12 years and I had the chance to take 8 weeks of classes there (in 2019) and even taught a few classes too!

A Box of High-Quality Meat

gifts for home cook butcher box

This gift is perfect for anyone who loves meat or just moved into a new home. Stock their freezer with a custom Butcher Box full of quality beef, pork, chicken and fish. You can get one box or help them out with a subscription. Up to you!

Foodie Prints & Photography

art gifts for people who like to cook

Brittany Wright is one of my favorite creators on social media. She photographs gorgeous and unique food color gradients that are so aesthetically pleasing that make perfect gifts for home cooks. I have a similar one to this print in my kitchen and always have a hard time picking which one I want next! These prints are a great opportunity to show the home cook in your life how well you know them.

Gifts For Meal Preppers

Stasher Bags

gifts for home cook stasher bag

Full disclosure: I gift myself a new set of these every eyear and have given them to lots of friends as gifts. These reusable silicone bags last for years if you treat them right and make perfect gifts for home cooks. We use them to store stuff in the freezer, fridge and pantry, as well as for travel snacks/meals. I recommend getting a set of assorted colors!

A subscription to the WWL Program

Yes! You can give the gift of weekly meal plans! This is perfect for any home cook who needs help with meal planning or figuring out what to eat for dinner every night. Remember that the WWL Program is the only meal plan service that’s aligned with intuitive eating, making it safe for those who have recovered from an eating disorder. We offer new recipes and meal plans with grocery lists as well as a customizable meal planning tool in the WWL Program.

Meal Prep Containers

Any meal prepper or home cook could use a new set of containers. This square glass set linked above is my FAVORITE. They hold about 3 cups of food and are super easy to clean. Plus, they don’t leak. Highly recommend!

Gifts For Coffee-Loving Cooks

Fellow Kettlekettle gifts for people who like to cook

I just picked up one of these over Thanksgiving weekend after eyeing for a year. Fellow is a new-ish company and maker of kettles and coffee equipment perfect for any tea or coffee lover with an eye for minimalism and design. These come in a handful of colors too!

Bottomless– Coffee Subscription

We LOVE Bottomless, the coffee subscription that knows exactly when to send you more coffee directly from the roaster! Seriously, I love not thinking about ordering coffee before we run out. It feels like magic. A Bottomless subscription includes a special wifi scale you set your coffee on – that’s how it knows when you’re about to need a refill! This would be a great gift for a coffee lover.

Gifts For Cooks Who Care About The Enviroment

Beeswax Wraps

beeswax wrap for people who like to cook

Do you have a home cook in your life who wants to reduce plastic waste? These beeswax wraps are an awesome replacement for saran wrap and last for years. Unlike plastic, they’re biodegradable and can make any home cook feel better about preserving their veggies and leftover ingredients.

Bamboo Utensils

bamboo utensils for people who like to cook

One of my friends gifted these bamboo utensils to me and I’m obsessed. They came in handy during my road trip across the country and I always bring them on plane rides! This gift is perfect for any traveler who wants to be able to easily eat on the go AND avoid using plastic.

Gifts For Kitchen Gadget Geeks

Being a geek is a good thing. We’re geeks too!

Air Fryer

air fryer

While I don’t have one of these yet, I hear that people love the air fryer more than the oven. This would make an amazing gift for a kitchen-gadget lover or someone who’s too intimidated to use an oven, or even just the person in your life who LOVES french fries, and can never get them crispy enough.

An Instant Pot

Would this even be a complete list of gifts for home cooks without an Instant Pot? I got an Instant Pot this year, and I think I’m enjoying it? So far, it’s been great for “hands-off” rice, shredded chicken, broth and mashed potatoes (the creamiest I’ve EVER had). Grab an Instant Pot for the person in your life who doesn’t LOVE to cook, but likes home-cooked food. Or grab it for the home cook who can never have enough gadgets.

Mini Waffle Maker

gifts for home cook dash mini

This is an easy $10 gift perfect for a roommate or home cook who just loveeeees breakfast. I had my Dash Mini for 2-3 years before upgrading to a bigger one and it was absolutely perfect. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, it’s easy to clean and the waffles come out amazing every time. Like many other gifts on this list, it comes in a bunch of colors too!

Gifts For Home Cooks Who Love Organization

Or just really need help with it!

Pantry Storage Containers

organization containers

Do you have someone in hour life who’s really Type A and loves to organize? Or maybe you know a home cook who could REALLY benefit from a more organized pantry. Either way, this set of pantry containers is an awesome practical gift! It will last the home cook in your life years and will make them even more confident in the kitchen.

Spice Containers

spice jars gifts for home cook

Maybe the home cook in your life already has an organized cabinet, but what about spices? I upgraded my set this year with these empty glass spice bottles and labels – it made a HUGE difference. This set comes with a funnel that makes transferring spices from their containers to these fresh bottles really easy.

Souper Cubes

gifts for home cook souper cubers

This is the ULTIMATE foodie gift. These silicone freezer molds are the real MVP of freezer storage. You can use these to freeze meals or just ingredients, like leftover coconut milk or sauces. I absolutely love them. Everyone who gets their hands on these loves them. They also come in different colors!

We hope this guide helped you get some good ideas for gifts for home cooks in your life!

Happy gifting!

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