Chickpea Couscous with Spinach and Tomatoes

A tasty Mediterranean dish that will fill you up with precious nutrients!

Our chickpea couscous with spinach and tomatoes is sure to become a new family-favorite.

After a relaxed weekend of happy hours, brunches, parties, and takeout, you might feel mentally rested, but physically exhausted. Certain recipes are curated to give your body a whopping dose of nutrients with every bite, and our Chickpea Couscous with Spinach and Tomatoes is no exception. This scrumptious couscous recipe is the perfect meal to rebalance your healthy equilibrium, especially after a weekend bender.

A Recipe Your Body Will Embrace

This delicious dish is full of flavor and nourishing nutrients.

Here, nutty couscous teams up with sautéed spinach and onions, studded with chewy chickpeas and juicy tomatoes. Garlic adds tasty boldness to the dish, while parsley offers fresh, clean flavor and vibrancy. A Mediterranean masterpiece as we like to call it, this gorgeous recipe leans on the lighter side. It delivers a bunch of feel-good ingredients without weighing you down with calories and fat.

How to Make Chickpea Couscous

Make this super easy, stress-free dinner tonight!

Quick and easy, this chickpea couscous with spinach and tomatoes is a snap to make. After cooking your couscous, simply sauté your onions and tomatoes in a separate skillet, and then stir in the garlic. Afterwards, add your baby spinach for a few minutes, followed by the chickpeas, salt, and parsley. Finally, stir in your couscous and add some more salt to taste if needed!

The Power of Chickpeas

A yummy meal that is chock-ful of healthy ingredients, including one of our favorites: chickpeas!

Chickpeas have a lot to bring to the table, besides great taste of course! First, the superfood boasts an impressive nutritional report. Chickpeas carry a whopping 3 grams of protein and 2 grams of fiber per single ounce! This macro profile can help curb your appetite and ward off hunger, keeping your daily calorie intake under control!

Meanwhile, they offer a great source of powerful nutrients like phosphorus, manganese, folate, and iron. Research also shows chickpeas can keep your blood sugar levels in check, fending off a spike that could lead to diabetes and heart disease. That said, you have every reason to feel great about loving these legumes.

The Bottom Line

A must-try recipes that's perfect for dinner and makes great leftovers for lunch too!

Whether you want to replenish your body, or simply crave some deliciously healthy couscous, this foolproof recipe is your go-to. So what are you waiting for? Do your body a favor, and cook up this mouthwatering meal, chockfull of vitamins and nutrients it’ll thank you for!

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