Dallas-Based Pizza Inn Issues Bizarre Statement In Support of Trump’s Bogus Voter Fraud Claims

On Tuesday, Dallas-based pizza chain Pizza Inn issued a truly bizarre statement in support of President Trump’s repeatedly debunked claims of election fraud.

The statement, issued via press release and the company’s official Twitter account, calls for a “10-day audit of the vote” ahead of President-Elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, set for January 20. “Pizza Inn is not advocating to overturn the election, nor do we think hastily certifying the results in Congress tomorrow is appropriate,” the statement reads. “We are simply saying that since we don’t know what happened, the prudent course of action is to conduct a 10-day audit of the vote to make certain that the man we inaugurate as President of the United States on January 20 is the rightful winner.”

Of course, there’s already a great deal of clarity on the fact that Biden won the 2020 presidential election, as evidenced by the fact that all 50 states have officially certified election results. Biden won 306 electoral college votes, well beyond the 270 threshold required to win the presidency. Trump, meanwhile, garnered just 232. In the weeks after the election, Trump has railed against the results, alleging a wide range of voter fraud in states like Georgia and Wisconsin. It’s worth noting that Trump also lost the popular vote, securing 46.9 percent of votes to Biden’s 51.4 percent.

Just this week, the Washington Post published audio of the president pressuring Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to find more than 11,000 votes so that Trump could secure the win in the Peach State. The president’s legal team has also filed a litany of lawsuits with the attempt to overturn the election results, all of which have been thrown out as evidence of this purported voter fraud seems nigh impossible to find.

In addition to the audit, Pizza Inn’s leadership suggests a series of measures to secure “election integrity,” ranging from the exclusive use of paper ballots to eliminating mail-in voting because we “should not prioritize voter convenience over election integrity.”

“We will no doubt be vilified by some for these reasonable and responsible suggestions,” said Rave Restaurant Group CEO Brandon Solano. “We may even be accused of supporting voter suppression for recommending solutions that we believe would advance the cause of election integrity. But pursuing this worthy, non-partisan goal is not suppression; it’s democracy in action.”

Owned by Rave Restaurant Group, Pizza Inn was founded in Dallas in 1958 and operates more than 200 restaurants across several states out of its headquarters in The Colony. Surprisingly, only three of those are open in DFW — one in Mesquite, another in East Dallas, and a third in Duncanville.

The statement issued by Pizza Inn even acknowledges the absolute bizarreness of a regional pizza chain making a spontaneous foray into electoral politics. “We fully understand the risks of wading into such heated political waters, but we believe some things – such as America’s election integrity – are too important to stand by silently,” the statement reads. “Pizza Inn respects citizens’ rights to agree or disagree with us, boycott us or visit us in solidarity.”

Disclosure: The author of this story completed some contract marketing work for an organization employed by Pizza Inn in 2015.

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