Does Strength Training Help Lose Weight?

Strength training is often thought of as an activity solely for those who want to add bulk. Men and bodybuilders in particular are often associated with strength training and weight lifting when the truth is that these activities can benefit everyone. Improving fitness should be the ultimate goal for exercisers but many also need to move through a weight loss stage to improve overall and strength training can be the key.

strenght training

Generally when people talk about losing weight what they are particularly wanting to do is lose fat. Lowering our body fat percentage can be vital in improving health and fitness and this is achieved both through weight loss and through increasing the body’s lean mass. If you are overweight, this can affect your chances of being accepted for life insurance cover , as those who are unhealthy are deemed a risk and may be refused cover, so getting shape can help ensure you don’t pay too much for life insurance. Strength training can help to lose fat and increase muscle which will overall improve lean mass while it can also effect your metabolism.

Improve Your Lean Mass

Strength training is not just about building mass, it is about working and improving your musculature not necessarily making it bigger. Regular strength training will result in the building of muscles and the strengthening of bones, helping to improve your lean mass.

Muscle is built through the process of putting pressure on muscles by contracting them in a controlled way. Your regime will help to teach your Central Nervous System to exert more and more pressure resulting in muscles getting stronger and stronger.

Strength training also releases Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which is a very potent fat burner. It is also thought to be a powerful anti-aging hormone, slowing the signs of aging. The combination of improved musculature and fat burning will help to improve your overall lean mass which can change your body composition and, therefore, appearance entirely.

Boost Your Metabolism

In addition to burning fat faster, research has shown that strength training can boost your metabolism leading to more weight loss. Studies have shown that a good strength training program can elevate your metabolic rate for up to 38 hours after a workout meaning that your body feels the benefit for much longer. After a cardiovascular workout the calorie burn stops immediately but can continue after a strength training session.

This can make a significant contribution to overall weight loss when you consider studies that have shown that people who follow a strength training program can burn, on average, about 200 calories more per workout than those people who do not include strength training in their workouts.

Getting Started

If you wish to take advantage of these benefits, get started sooner rather than later. Information on strength training is easily available and the truth is that many strength exercises can be done in the home with basic equipment. Resistance bands and body weight exercises are great for beginners and do not require an expensive outlay right at the start. You may eventually wish to purchase weights as you improve but this is not necessary to get started. The important thing to bear in mind is safety so, if you are unsure, consult a professional who will make sure that you maintain proper posture through your exercises.