‘Eater’s Guide to the World on Hulu’: Restaurants, Chefs, and Dishes Featured

We experience the world with five senses, but taste trumps them all. For more than 15 years, Eater has been your guide to finding the very best tastes — and sights, and sounds, and unforgettable moments — in cities spanning the globe. Now Eater has partnered with Hulu for a new series that brings this indispensable expertise to life. Join us and Maya Rudolph as we seek out the most delicious ways to eat off the hood of your car in LA, explore the jungle through your stomach in Costa Rica, stay up (and eat nonstop) all night in New York, taste the cultural crossroads of Casablanca, and so much more. Each episode showcases a whole new side of the cities and destinations you think you know, and some you may have never experienced before. Watch below — then scroll to delve even deeper into people, places, and one-of-a-kind foods featured on the show.
This is Eater’s Guide to the World.

A plate of chicken and ribs shot from overhead.

The best part of dining solo? You can focus on what deserves your attention most: the food. Time to eat your way through the Pacific Northwest,
savoring the juicy pork steak, soba noodles,
and piping-hot fried chicken.

A black dish of shellfish presented on a tray.

No true friend would let you skip Casablanca while on a trip
to Morocco. This can’t-miss port city boasts snails, traditional pastilla,
and unreal tagine — you’ve gotta taste it all.

A woman claps in excitement as a dish is presented to her by a server.

It’s last call and you’re ravenous.
Luckily, you’re in New York City, where your crew can
choose from mouth-watering options like Korean barbecue, empanadas, and birria — all before the sun
hits the horizon.

A bento box with two compartments is filled with artfully designed foods, sitting on the lap of a person holding chopsticks.

Want to get your hands on all the great food in the show? Check out Eater’s
guide to the amazing restaurants, street stands, market stalls, drive-thrus,
and more in all seven episodes of Eater’s Guide to the World. From the Seattle soba in Episode 1 to the Tijuana mariscos in Episode 6, here’s where to find it.

A chef in an apron holds a bowl with something yellow inside.

The Costa Rican jungle is basically nature’s candy store, and we’d like to invite you in. Bursting with delicious guanabana, cainito, cas, pejibaye, cacao, and so much more, these lush forests double as an awe-inspiring pantry.

Two hands hold a foil wrapped burrito being torn in half.

Buckle up, friends. When you’re in LA, your car is your sanctuary. Treat it with the respect it deserves, and dig in to life-changing hot chicken, fresh bread, and
museum-worthy bento boxes in its presence.

Two tacos are dressed with salsa.

Local, regular, newcomer — whoever you are, Tijuana has something delicious for you to eat. Grab a seat and try the craft beer, pork belly tacos, and the original Caesar salad. Yeah, you’ll want to stay awhile.

A platter of barbecue and sides.

You eat at an airport because you have to, not because you want to. But just beyond the departure terminals you’ll find smoky barbecue, sweet ’n’ fluffy pancakes, and a bowl of warm borbor — all worth going the extra mile.









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