Haviah Mighty releases first mixtape ‘Stock Exchange’

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Toronto born emcee Haviah Mighty is gearing up for her first album, Fantom, which is set to be released later this year. Fantom will be a reflection of what Mighty has gone through from losing her father to struggling with mental health issues and ultimately ending up in a mental institution where she was placed on medication she cannot take.

Taken over the course of just a few months in September, Mighty’s release “Stock Exchange” is an ode to her feelings of guilt from her family, struggles she was facing in her personal life and a forthcoming relaunch. With the songstress promising “at the end of this she’s going to know the answer,” Mighty aims to achieve inner peace with the beats of Canada’s first mixtape.

Released today, October 17, 2018, “Stock Exchange” is available on iTunes and also on all major streaming platforms.

The first part of the mixtape has been released separately. Shout out to two of the music industry’s in-house producers – ace house DJ butchx and DJ Hassan – who contributed to the beats.

‘Stock Exchange’ by Haviah Mighty – https://space.amazon.com/gp/space/isw/235264909/sizes/14062/001426219337752?eide=&v=ep%3A&d=SV-uBYPPGHGHTG-UHRs7qqbhb?tl=en&sg=mvB9GNOfQDoWntrSbx_F3RVIT07PNCJOClG

The music video for “Stock Exchange” will premiere tomorrow, Oct. 18, 2018, on The Breakfast Club at 4 pm ET.

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