How Colourful Grand Noodles are Made by Hand in South Korea

“It’s not like there was anybody to show us or wherever we might ask,” says Grand Noodle proprietor Kim Hyun-Kyu. “We simply strive. We all know as a result of we tried all the pieces. Our mouths are our labs.”

Hyun-Kyu has been making lengthy, colourful, vegetable-packed noodles, for over 40 years, however his operation wasn’t all the time as common as it’s at this time. When he first began out, he used machines to supply 200 luggage of flour a day to create noodles. “Nonetheless, it didn’t work,” he says of the overly produced high quality of that product, and he closed down his enterprise. At dwelling in Geochang, South Korea, he ended up making what he calls “these distinctive, useful noodles” that his buddies began to order from him. “They complimented the crap out of [them],” he says, which led him to the place he’s at this time, making weekly batches of Grand noodles by hand.

The method, which takes about 5 days, begins with managing the produce. He chops and grinds down garlic scallions, boils beets, and grinds rice flower, which all finally get combined with wheat flour to make the totally different noodles. On the second day, he provides the doughs to a rolling machine that smooths it out into sheets, squeezes out moisture, and cuts them into lengthy strands. The noodles dry slowly at low temperatures for 2 days, hanging from tall racks in a sun-drenched room, cooled with followers. From there, bundles of noodles are minimize into 10-inch strands with an enormous stainless-steel knife on an axis, harking back to an enormous paper cutter.

What makes Kim Hyun-Kyu’s operation so particular is that he makes his Grand noodles in accordances with “Obang,” or the 5 cardinal colours in Korean tradition: black, yellow, blue, white, and crimson. “The 5 colours are stated to convey luck and eliminate misfortune,” he says. “So I created this to maintain that tradition alive.”

Kim Hyun-Kyu makes present units of the noodles that embody all 5 colours, and recommends they be loved by boiling them and serving them with perilla oil and salt to style. “On a special occasion, they eat this meals and dwell a protracted life,” he says of his clients. “That’s the hope I’ve once I make these noodles.”

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