How to Keep Bottles of Sparkling Wine Effervescent for Days

Around this time of year, people like to default to wine with bubbles, both as an easy gift and as a personal beverage of choice for the celebrations the month brings. But most of us are paring down our gathering sizes these days, so you may want the bottle of cava, crémant, or pét-nat you pop open to be enjoyable for another day… or two or three.

For Bianca Sanon, the sommelier curating December’s Eater Wine Club wines, a proper Champagne/bubble stopper is a can’t-live-without tool, especially this time of year. Just like a can of Coke or a bottle of San Pellegrino, all sparkling wines will slowly start to lose their effervescence from the moment they’re opened (especially if you pop the cork out with a dramatic bang, forcing out even more air). Gadgets that protect your bubbles are a worthwhile purchase, both for saving your own bottles and for gifting to a friend (along with a nice fancy Champagne).

Herewith, a short list of stoppers for you to consider, most of which are fairly reasonable considering the going price for most Champagnes. (Keep in mind that in addition to using any of these products, the bottle should always be kept cold — that helps maintain effervescence, too.)

Champagne Sealer Stopper

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We’d be hard-pressed to find something more satisfying than the push and clasp motions this bottle stopper provides. The two pieces that come around to hug the neck of the bottle are what help securely keep air out and the bottle’s contents fizzy. We recommended it on Eater’s holiday gift guide back in 2017, and Eater staffers continue to vouch for its ingenuity year after year.

Champagne Stopper by MiTBA

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This MiTBA stopper is a top recommendation of Marvina S. Robinson, the founder of Stuyvesant Champagne, for keeping bottles bubbling for days. Like a couple of the stoppers on this list, it’s the dual-sided wings that guarantee more pressure and a tight seal compared to other looser stoppers. This gadget includes a second step as well: Once the stopper is in place and the wings are secured, tap down for a couple of pumps and then place in the fridge.

Rabbit Champagne and Wine Sealer

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The Rabbit sealer is cherished by wine reps, whose job it is to travel from restaurants and shops and offer tastes — those bubbles need to be fresh in order to close a sale. It’s also a favorite of sommelier Kaitlyn Caruke, a 2018 Eater Young Gun, who recently started using it on a daily basis at the Philadelphia bar the Good King Tavern. For those of us who will be using the Rabbit at home, know that the sealer will stay in place for days and it adds very little height to the bottle, so you can return it to the fridge standing upright.

CapaBunga Ultimate Wine & Champagne Kit

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This little set, recommended by Eater staffers, isn’t only handsome, it’s a nice tool kit for general wine preserving. The simple rubber tops fit easily over regular wine bottles (and with a low profile to avoid refrigerator door jams), while the bigger screw-top cap is for bottles of bubbles. Remove the plastic insert from the cap, screw it around the bottle neck, then twist the rubber cap on top. According to Food52, this method will “seal all that fizz in for up to a week.”

Perlage System Champagne Preserver

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In addition to the freebie stoppers provided by wine distributors, this is among the most beloved gadgets for sommeliers and other beverage folks at your favorite bars and restaurants. That’s because the Perlage won’t just preserve the bubbles for two to three days, it will keep things fresh over weeks. Using the system requires a little bit of setup (there’s a CO2 wand involved) and it’s not cheap, but ultimately it’s very worth it for those who don’t want to waste a drop of juice.

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