The best way to Use Ramen Seasoning Packets for Grilled Meat and Barbecue Dishes

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One in all my favourite childhood snacks was uncooked on the spot ramen noodles: I might punch open a bag of Shin Ramyun to interrupt aside the noodles, take out the seasoning packet, and dip small damaged items of raw, barely hard-to-bite noodles into the ruby-red powder. It was one of many salty, spicy snacks that I might bask in as a younger little one. Trying again, it appears fairly savvy and experimental, as a result of now, as an grownup, I exploit further packets of ramen seasoning for every part, from making a soup base for kimchi jjigae to calmly sprinkling it on fries. My newest kitchen discovery: utilizing it to season meat earlier than it’s air fried or grilled. Including Shin Ramyun seasoning as a rub made some of the scrumptious pork stomach dishes I’ve ever cooked.

The flavors of on the spot ramen packets differ, however Shin Ramyun seasoning — which incorporates garlic powder, mushroom extract, pink chile pepper, onion, soybean paste, and so many different taste enhancers — makes probably the most sense for grilling meat. I not too long ago sprinkled a Shin seasoning packet throughout a minimize of a thick, skin-on pork stomach, after making a criss-cross minimize on the pores and skin in order that the seasonings might penetrate the meat. For one pound of pork stomach, one ramen packet was sufficient to cowl all of the nooks and crannies, and I let the dry seasoning marinate the pork stomach for an hour, uncovered, within the fridge. Then, I cooked it in an air fryer at 380 levels for 20 to 25 minutes whereas checking and flipping midway by.

The pores and skin got here out unbelievably crispy, just like chicharrones. After resting the meat for a couple of minutes, I lastly sliced the thick pork stomach, and its inside, in contrast to the wildly crunchy pores and skin, was moist, juicy, and so tender. The flavors of the ramen packet had been refined but quietly current, excellent for dipping into further sauces like ssamjang, a savory, spicy Korean paste largely paired with Korean barbecue. I enjoyed the pork belly with musangchae (a tangy, spicy radish salad), with lettuce for a satisfying ssam (a Korean consuming model of wrapping meals in leafy greens).

I cooked my Shin Ramyun-seasoned pork stomach within the air fryer, however roasting the seasoned meat within the oven or cooking it on the grill would even be scrumptious. In line with my fast analysis, massaging the meat with sesame oil earlier than including the seasoning would add an additional layer of flavors and make for a wonderful moist rub. And whereas pork stomach is my go-to, rooster, ribs, and even fish could be nice canvases to play with. (For my part, sharp, spicy sorts, significantly Korean on the spot noodles resembling Shin, Jin Ramen, or Neoguri, would work the perfect on meat, in comparison with the chicken-flavored ones from Prime Ramen.) Be artistic with it!

This easy hack can be a simple method to jazz up your Korean barbecue recreation at house. You may get grill-ready pork stomach from locations like H Mart, sprinkle on the seasoning packet, and begin grilling tableside over a conveyable gasoline range. Pair your meat with a number of sides, together with recent lettuce, perilla leaves, ssamjang, and extra. (I extremely advocate ending this KBBQ feast with some precise spicy ramen.)

For my upcoming tenting journey, as an alternative of bringing or making a secret barbecue seasoning, I plan to simply deliver further packs of ramen noodles in order that I can use the seasonings to sprinkle on pork stomach earlier than it hits the grill. And, in fact, the uncooked, raw ramen noodles themselves will present the hearth snack.

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