Innovative LA Breakfast Pop-Up Serves Sandwiches Lowered Down in a Bucket

Well here’s an inventive way to practice physical distancing during the novel coronavirus pandemic, all while still selling breakfast sandwiches: Just rig up a bucket and a rope.

That’s precisely what is happening at Calabama, the weekend breakfast sandwich pop-up run by Cara Haltiwanger. For a couple of years now, Haltiwanger has worked as an event chef and weekend pop-up owner, selling her eggy, toasty, cheesy breakfast sandwiches and housemade hot sauces in front of coffee shops and bars like Dayglow and the Friend in Silver Lake. But with the new Safer at Home mandate from California Governor Gavin Newsom and requirements for safe social distancing in place, Haltiwanger found it difficult to make her street-level pop-up work. So she moved it four stories up, and now sells sandwiches by cooking them directly in her East Hollywood apartment, and lowering the items down with an actual rope and bucket.

Without a doubt, this has to be among the most innovative answers for how to food serve during the COVID-19 pandemic anywhere in Southern California, if not America. Haltiwanger says that her Calabama pop-up will run on Sunday only, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Available spots can be pre-purchased now using Ticketleap.

While the Calabama bucket and rope option certainly is novel, there are others around greater Los Angeles trying other options to stay afloat. Popular underground breakfast burrito option Lowkey Burritos has been selling in Long Beach out of a private home, using a bike messenger service to deliver the finished product within a certain radius.

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