Instant Pot Cherry Chipotle BBQ Chicken

We smell a new family favorite!

Enjoy our cherry chipotle bbq chicken on it's own or in a bun!

There’s nothing like good BBQ chicken that’s fall-off-the-bone tender and full of smoky flavor. This recipe is no exception. One of the things I always want people to take away from my recipes is that they are just a guideline. Once you have the basic concepts down, let your creativity be your guide. With this cherry chipotle BBQ chicken, as with many of my recipes, you can change things up to make the dish your own!

First, Control the Sweet Flavors

This cherry chipotle BBQ chicken dinner is a delicious new spin on barbecue.

I know what you’re thinking. I’m using cherry preserves AND cherry pie filling? Trust me. If you’re concerned about the sugar content, you can limit it by using light or no-sugar-added cherry pie filling. Next, limit added sugar by choosing no-sugar-added or sugar-free cherry preserves. Better yet, you can purchase frozen sweet or tart cherries and eliminate the pie filling altogether!

Finally, select a no-sugar-added BBQ sauce. These choices will help you create the perfect amount of sweetness for your Cherry Chipotle BBQ Chicken!

Second, Reign in or Bring on the Heat

Cherry and chipotle gives this chicken a sweet and smoky flavor you'll love!

The primary source of heat for this Cherry Chipotle BBQ Chicken comes from smoky chipotle peppers in adobo sauce. They are ideal to use for controlling the heat for several reasons. For starters, the peppers themselves contain ample spice. Meanwhile, the smoky adobo sauce packs even more of a punch. So, in order to control the heat level, you should first decide how much heat you want, a little or a lot?

The first thing you can do to reign in the fire is to rinse the peppers off with cool water and omit the adobo sauce entirely. Not only will you get a hint of heat, but you also won’t sweat too much. After that, if you’re adventurous and want to take the spice a little further, scoop in extra adobo sauce and a few extra peppers. Finally, if you really want to heat things up, use a spicy BBQ sauce. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

The Perfect Complementary Side Dish Options

Serve your cherry chipotle barbecue chicken with a side of mac and cheese, coleslaw, potatoes, or corn on the cob!

Shredded chicken recipes are some of my favorite recipes. They taste so amazing, but they’re also incredibly versatile. Use the shredded chicken to create a great main course by serving it in a bun, with a side of veggies and rice, or over potatoes. You can also use it inside of tacos, wraps, sandwiches, quesadillas, or even on top of salads! The choice is all yours, so don’t be afraid to use your imagination!

We do have a few side dish recommendations if that’s the route you decide to take. Consider any of these delicious and nutritious options:

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