Our Sausage Stuffed Dates with Bacon Make the Perfect Appetizer!

Go ahead, grab another one!

As a caterer, I’ve developed many different dishes over the years. I think it’s safe to say that these Sausage Stuffed Dates with Bacon have become one of the most popular items! I’ve received so many requests for these tasty little morsels — more so than any other menu item. To my amusement, some of my clients have affectionately referred to these dates as “meat candy,” and I can’t even blame them!

Truth be told, I was hesitant to give out this recipe at first. Since it was so popular, I didn’t want to give away such a valuable secret. After much pondering and introspection, I decided to give in and share this sweet, salty, meaty goodness!

Sweet and Savory Treat

These sausage stuffed dates with bacon are meat candy!

To start, find plump, pitted medjool dates. If you need to remove the pit, use a small knife and cut along the entire length of the date. You will feel the pit with your knife. Next, use your fingers to open the date without tearing it in half. Gently remove the pit with your fingers and discard the pits.

After that, make your filling for these sausage stuffed dates. First, cut the smoked sausage into small pieces, about one to two inches in length. Using your knife to make a small cut on the outside of each section, remove the skin or casing. Next, place the sausage filling in a food processor along with the pecans or walnuts. Pulse the mixture until you have a dough-like consistency.

Finally, you’ll stuff the dates with the filling. Once they’ve been stuffed, wrap each date in smoky bacon and bake them in the oven. Once you glaze the dates with the sweet-and-spicy honey mixture, they’re ready to go!

No Turning Back Now

These delicious sausage stuffed dates with bacon are rich and a crowd pleaser!

Well, the secret is out. Go forth and wow your guests with these amazing Sausage Stuffed Dates. A word of warning: This “meat candy” is very rich, and one or two dates is more than enough (although your taste buds will definitely want more). Enjoy!

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