Southwestern Protein Breakfast Burrito

Spice up your breakfast with a healthy burrito!

Our southwestern protein breakfast burrito recipe is one for the books!

Breakfast burritos are the best when you’re looking for a hearty breakfast. Having a grab-and-go meal that’s ready to eat is an absolute game-changer when you’re running out the door. These beyond-delicious Southwestern Protein Breakfast Burritos are packed with protein and satiating ingredients like black beans, eggs, cheese, and spinach. Give them a try, and they might just become a regular in your morning routine. After all, these morning delights beat plain old eggs any day!

Breakfast Burritos with an Added Boost

These yummy southwest breakfast burritos are perfect for busy, on-the-go mornings!

These healthy, hand-held delights add a Southwestern flair to conventional breakfast burritos. Thanks to ingredients like salsa and black beans, these burritos contain a variety of Mexican-inspired flavors and textures beyond eggs and cheese. And with just 20 minutes of prep time, you’ll have these on-the-go burritos ready to devour in no time!

Our Recipe Uses Clean, Scale-Friendly Ingredients!

Grab one of these high-protein wraps and get your day started off right!

Here at Skinny Ms., we love finding healthy alternatives to traditionally high-fat or high-calorie ingredients. Sneaky swaps can help shave off chunks of calories without skimping on flavor. Despite tasting downright delectable, these breakfast burritos carry some of these genius substitutes.

For starters, our recipe calls for two whole eggs and four egg whites to create six burritos. The egg whites contain mostly protein and no fat, and they contain just a fraction of the calories as the whole egg, making them a great skinny substitute. Not only that, but they create a fluffy texture that bulks up the burritos without compromising flavor. In the end, you’ll still get fluffy eggs in each burrito bite, just with a lighter caloric profile.

Meanwhile, we’ve subbed fat-free Greek yogurt in for traditional sour cream. This clean-eating substitute carries significantly fewer calories, but it delivers the same creamy richness that your taste buds love. As a bonus, it packs a protein punch, which makes each burrito even more filling.

Finally, whole-wheat tortillas wrap up these delicious ingredients as opposed to tortillas made with white flour. Flour tortillas normally contain refined, enriched flour which essentially feeds your body empty carbs. In contrast, whole-grain wraps pack in more fiber than their counterparts, carrying a complete package of nutrients and healthy compounds.

How to Make a Southwestern Protein Breakfast Burrito

The whole family will enjoy these nutritious and flavorful breakfast burritos!

With a recipe this easy, anyone can make these delicious, nutrient-rich burritos. Begin by warming tortillas in the oven. Next, whip up the eggs with a fork and cook them until they’re scrambled and cooked through. Afterward, add the black beans and coarsely chopped spinach to your skillet for about three minutes, until they’re warmed through and the spinach is wilted.

Now comes the fun part! Distribute your ingredients evenly between the tortillas beginning with the eggs, spinach, and bean mixture followed by cheese, salsa, and Greek yogurt. Fold your wraps over and enjoy!

An Amazing Breakfast or a Genius Post-Workout Snack

Enjoy this yummy breakfast on a lazy morning at-home, or take it with you and eat it on the way to work or school!

These drool-worthy burritos pack a protein punch that will keep you feeling full for hours on end. That said, they also make a substantial (and savory!) post-workout snack, especially if you’re lifting weights. Loaded with feel-good ingredients, protein, and fiber, this morning meal will fuel you up and have you ready to attack the day.

Our Southwestern Protein Breakfast Burritos are vegetarian, but you can make them vegan by omitting the cheese or incorporating a soy-based cheese. Of course, you’ll also want to use a vegan egg replacement like tofu, and we suggest using guacamole instead of Greek yogurt.

Serve these with a delicious juice, coffee, green tea, or a smoothie any day of the week for a super yummy burrito breakfast. For more breakfast recipes that’ll save you time on busy mornings, check out these 15 Healthier Grab and Go Breakfast Options or these 15 Quick and Easy Breakfast Options.

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Editor’s Note: This recipe was originally published on May 14, 2014.

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