Sweet and Sour Roasted Cabbage

Dig into this rich, mild, and nutty, low-carb side!

Our Sweet and Sour roasted cabbage is a unique new take on the veggie!

While I love traditionally prepared cabbage, it can take a long time. I also find it makes my house smell funny. I love it cooked in stir-fries and soups, however, it can be a little tedious at times. Then, one day I tried Sweet and Sour Roasted Cabbage. Oh, happy day! Over time, I adapted it to be healthier than the version I originally tried. This “skinny-fied” version can be found below!

Perfectly Prepared Sweet and Sour Roasted Cabbage

Not a fan of cabbage? This delicious recipe is about to change that!

With a few steps, you can create perfectly roasted cabbage with very little effort. Roasting is perhaps the easiest way to prepare cabbage, and brings out a milder, nutty, almost buttery flavor that you wouldn’t otherwise notice.

First, make sure the cabbage is cut into even-sized pieces, or as close to it as possible. Then sprinkle with salt and toss until evenly distributed. When you add salt to cabbage, as with other greens, you not only season it, but you also draw the natural moisture out. By doing this, you break down the fibrous texture of the cabbage, and help tenderize it before roasting. Allow the salted cabbage to sit for about 5 minutes, then add the remaining ingredients before roasting.

Second, stir the cabbage every 10 minutes during the roasting process. By stirring at regular intervals, you allow for even browning and prevent the cabbage from burning. You want golden brown roasted cabbage, not charred, or you risk an unpleasant burnt flavor. Trust me, nobody wants that.

Third, and finally, make the perfectly balanced sweet and sour dressing to lightly coat everything. I prefer raw honey because it’s lower on the glycemic index and is a healthier sweetener than cane sugar.

Perfect Pairings

Sweet and sour cabbage pairs great with a number of different entrees.

You can enjoy this tasty cabbage dish with a variety of entrees. It pairs well with many different Asian-inspired meals. You can also serve it up with roast chicken, ribs, or pulled pork. It makes a great alternative to the usual slaw or potato salad, as well. Get creative and be sure to let us know how you use it, in the comment section below!

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