Switch Up Your Breakfast Routine with these Savory Chilla Pancakes

Unlike any pancakes you’ve tried before!

Switch up your breakfast routine with these savory chilla pancakes!

These are not your average, Sunday morning flapjacks! Our Indian-inspired recipe for chickpea flour chilla pancakes is totally out of the box (no pun intended). They’re full of delicious, savory flavors you’ll love. You won’t be needing any maple syrup either, so leave it in the pantry!

Regular Pancakes Vs. Chilla Pancakes

These are not like the pancakes mom used to make, but they are just as delicious!

Homemade pancakes generally use white flour, baking powder, milk, eggs, salt, and white sugar. The only ingredient that chilla pancakes actually have in common with plain old flapjacks is salt! Both contain flour, but chilla pancakes use chickpea flour. 

The chilla pancake batter isn’t sweet like regular batter, either. It’s seasoned with spices like red chili flakes, cumin, and turmeric. Once these savory spices have been mixed into the batter, you’ll build more layers of flavor with sharp, earthy shallots and green onions. Serrano peppers contribute a spicy kick, and fresh parsley helps to balance out some of the savoriness. Finally, the cilantro will finish it off with a light, citrusy flavor.

In addition to differing flavors, these two types of pancakes are also different in texture. Traditional pancakes are normally thick and fluffy like cake. Chilla pancakes, on the other hand, are very thin and crepe-like. If you want them to be a little thicker, feel free to use less water, but remember that you’ll have to cook them a bit longer. 

Make this Recipe Vegan and Dairy-Free

Our savory chilla pancakes recipe is low-calorie and vegetarian, but can easily be made vegan-friendly, too!

These vegetarian-friendly and gluten-free pancakes are incredibly easy to make vegan and dairy-free. The only dairy-based ingredient in this recipe is the ghee. Although it is lactose-free, it is still derived from animal products, making it non-vegan. A simple swap is to use olive oil in its place!

Add-Ins and Topping Suggestions

Eat these tasty pancakes as is, or add on your favorite toppings!

Chilla pancakes are super versatile, meaning you can change up the recipe almost every time you make them. We love adding different veggies into the batter! A few delicious suggestions include finely diced tomatoes, peppers, onions, zucchini, or whatever else you can think of.

As far as toppings go, your options are pretty much endless. Throw some leftover roasted potatoes on top of the pancakes, or use freshly sliced avocado, any kind of yogurt dip, guacamole, cheese, or even hummus. Get creative, just be sure to let us know what combination you came up with in the comment section below!

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