The Most Juicy and Savory Turkey Sausage Brunch Burger!

These unforgettably juicy burgers are worth dreaming about.

Tired of the same old breakfast? Try our juicy and flavorful turkey sausage brunch burgers!

Burgers for breakfast? You bet! This brilliant recipe puts a tasty spin on turkey sausage, giving your breakfast staple a mouthwatering makeover. That’s right. We’ve kicked the party up a few notches with these turkey sausage brunch burgers, guaranteed to brighten any morning.

A Brunch Burger Like None Other!

This savory and satisfying brunch burger is made with lower-fat ingredients so you can indulge with less guilt!

Dare we say these might be the best burgers you ever sink your teeth into? I mean simply imagining these delectable hand-held sandwiches makes me hungry. Here juicy, homemade turkey sausage patties flavored with irresistible spices is topped with melty swiss cheese and slices of crispy bacon. Next, the decked out, cheesy patty cradles a runny egg, and nestles between a toasted brioche bun layered with pesto. I mean honestly, your taste buds will fall in love at first bite, and we certainly don’t blame them.

Homemade Turkey Sausages: An Underrated Delight

The classic flavors of homemade turkey sausage make this brunch option truly delicious!

People underestimate the simplicity of homemade turkey sausage. As a result, the beloved breakfast member usually gets picked up in its pre-made form at the grocery store. If people only knew how surprisingly easy turkey sausages were to whip up at home, they’d save cash and boost their health.

Store-bought sausages and patties might parade around with deceitful low-calorie, low-carb labels that make them all the more enticing. However, these conventional brands oftentimes contain sulfites, fillers, and other processed ingredients that can sabotage a diet. And trust me, a scrumptious turkey sausage made from scratch gives its pre-packaged counterpart a run for its money flavor-wise.

How To Make Turkey Sausage Brunch Burgers

These crowd-pleasing, mouthwatering turkey sausage brunch burgers can be ready in just 20 minutes!

Lucky for you, you can ditch all of that and boost your health by making your turkey sausage patties at home with our turkey sausage brunch burger recipe! Simply combine ground turkey, Italian seasoning, fennel, salt, and pepper with clean hands. Next form burger patties and cook in some olive oil over medium heat.

After you’ve whipped up your burgers, top with swiss cheese, turkey bacon, and a fried egg. Next, slice your brioche burger in half and spread basil besto on each side, layering with fresh spinach and tomato. Place a turkey patty on one half of the brioche bun and close the sandwich with the top half. Serve warm and enjoy!

This turkey sausage brunch burger recipe makes a delicious main course to any brunch party or breakfast gathering! Meanwhile, with just 5 minutes of prep and 15 minutes of cook time, these tasty, hearty burgers will become a regular at your breakfast table!

Take Your Brunch to the Next Level!

Serve alongside a Skinny Fruit and Yogurt Salad, some Triple Berry Baked Oatmeal, or Easy Roasted Garlic Potatoes for some added deliciousness! 

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