This One-Pan Rustic-Style Italian Chicken is Perfect for Weeknights

This is the perfect one-pan meal for weeknights!

One-Pan One-Pan Rustic-Style Italian Chicken

This is not just a one-pan recipe. I mean, that does make me love this dish even more (who doesn’t like easy cleanup?), but what I really love about this quick dinner is its simplicity. This Rustic-Style Italian Chicken is sweet and balanced, and you can re-use it in so many ways throughout the week to come. The Mediterranean diet is universally acclaimed as one of the most balanced food cultures, and this recipe is no exception.

Want to Up the Flavor?

A healthy chicken recipe that you can eat all week!

Italian cooking is renowned for using very simple ingredients and elevating them. They take the humble onion, good stock, and a sunny tomato, and give them the care and attention they deserve. With this Rustic-Style Italian Chicken, spending that extra minute cooking the vegetables with the right heat really makes a difference. Once you’ve removed the browned chicken from your skillet, you’re left with all that lovely flavor. This will be de-glazed with the chicken broth to create a layered, super flavorful sauce later on.

First, don’t be afraid of heat when it comes to bell peppers. They can take a lot of it, that’s why we love them on the grill. Turn up the heat and let the peppers turn sweet on a hot skillet before lowering the heat to sweat off your onion and garlic. Garlic will burn easily, so you don’t want to apply that same high heat.

What Can I Eat With This?

Try this delicious one-pan recipe any night of the week.

The possibilities with this Rustic-style Italian Chicken are particularly endless. You could shred the chicken for a pasta sauce, eat it as a sandwich, or enjoy it cold as a salad. Personally, I get excited thinking about this recipe with an Italian Bulgur Pilaf with Toasted Pine Nuts. Or, opt for a meal on the lighter side with this Italian Garbanzo Bean Salad.

If you’re cooking for the masses, side dishes like a classic Sicilian Caponata are affordable options. Alternatively, this Italian Sweet and Sour Onions recipe stews onions, wine, brandy, and raisins together and pairs really well with meat or fish.

Rich in Mediterranean flavors, this rustic-style italian chicken is bound to become a new family favorite!

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