Turkey Sausage and Pizza Quinoa Bowl

Pizzeria flavor without the “pizza hangover.”

Turkey Sausage Pizza Quinoa

I love a good pizza pie! That said, I don’t always love the way heavy pizza dough and gooey cheese makes me feel after I eat it. The solution? This Turkey Sausage and Quinoa Pizza Bowl. It satisfies my pizza cravings with all of the flavors of Italian sausage pizza without making me feel stuffed and uncomfortable. Avoid a “pizza hangover” and try our skinny pizza quinoa the next time those cravings strike!

This Pizza Bowl is Full of Nutrients and Flavor

A warm and delicious bowl full of nutrients!

Make a healthier version of an Italian sausage pizza by using nutrient powerhouse quinoa instead of pizza dough. After the quinoa is cooked, toss in a blend of vitamin-packed vegetables. Finally, top it off with Parmesan cheese and give it some heat with red chili flakes. Just like that: You’re ready to enjoy hot pizzeria flavors in a bowl!

Feel Free to Modify this Recipe

This quinoa recipe is a tasty take on delicious pizza!

If you don’t like turkey sausage, no problem! You can make some simple changes to this basic recipe to replicate the flavors of your favorite pizza.

First, if you prefer chicken, you can use cooked, shredded chicken and your favorite sugar-free BBQ sauce to make a BBQ Chicken Pizza bowl. Or use our SkinnyMs Taco Seasoning and salsa to make a Chicken Taco Pizza Bowl.

Alternately, if vegetarian pizza is more to your liking, skip the meat altogether. Add some roasted peppers, zucchini, broccoli, or any of your other favorite veggies. You can switch out the cheese too. Use your favorite shredded cheese, goat cheese, or feta. To make it a plant-based, vegan, or dairy-free pizza, leave the cheese out or use our homemade dairy-free Parmesan.

Finally, do you want to go Paleo or grain-free? Instead of quinoa, use cauliflower rice. Skip the steps to prepare quinoa and add the cauliflower rice directly to the skillet when you add the spinach & tomatoes. Done!

Whether you make it our way or make it your own way, we think you’re going to love this Turkey Sausage and Quinoa Pizza Bowl!

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