Two Comfort Foods Collide in Our Banana Bread Pancakes!

Bring the warmth and sweetness of fresh banana bread to breakfast table.

Banana Bread Pancakes Recipe

I’m assuming that since you’re here, you love banana bread and pancakes as much as I do. These two marvelous comfort foods collide in this scrumptious banana bread pancakes recipe!

To this day, baking banana bread with my mom is one of my favorite childhood memories. It’s one of those soothing mental images I hold on to for those bad days when I just really, really need my mom (and some baked goods.)

In the early part of my childhood, my mom worked from home, so she had extra time for baking. From cookies and pies to breads and muffins, our house always had homemade treats. While a house full of baked goods is any child’s dream, my favorite part was getting to help bake.

Whether they were cookies or pies, for our own family or a dinner party, my mom almost always took the risk of letting me help. Out of all of the treats I helped bake, banana bread is the one that still stands out in my memory. My responsibilities varied depending on the project at hand, and for banana bread, I got the best job of all. I remember standing on a kitchen chair to reach the countertops, potato masher in hand, going at it on a helpless bowl of ripe bananas.

[Note to parents: baking banana bread is secretly a safe, productive (and delicious) way to channel your child’s destructive impulses.]

To this day, I love banana bread. It is a delicious and practical way to use up leftover bananas before they go bad. Sometimes, I even catch myself purposefully waiting for my bananas to over-ripen, just so I have an excuse to whip up a batch. (Hey, at least I’m honest.)

Easy, Healthy, and Oh So Delicious!

easy pancake recipe

These banana bread pancakes are a fun and delicious twist on the classic quick bread. Additionally, they are actually much quicker to make. While most quick breads take a solid hour in the oven, each pancake only needs to cook about six minutes. So if you’ve got a sudden banana bread craving that just can’t wait, these pancakes are the way to go.

For these banana bread pancakes, we’ve also lightened things up a bit. Quick breads are notoriously heavy, dense, and sweet. These pancakes pack that nostalgic taste into a lighter, clean breakfast option. This recipe uses whole wheat flour, coconut sugar, coconut oil, and almond milk to keep your clean eating goals on track.

Don’t worry, even with these substitutions, these pancakes still have bananas that need mashing. If you’ve got a kid determined to break everything in the house, let them mash their way to a delicious breakfast instead. (And no judgment if you need some banana mashing stress relief yourself.)

Like their OG quick bread inspiration, these banana bread pancakes taste great on their own or topped with your favorite spread. Try them with maple syrup, honey, coconut butter, or sliced banana.

This delicious and clean morning indulgence is perfect for a home cooked weekend breakfast. This twist on the classic quick bread is another great excuse to accidentally-on-purpose end up with a few leftover bananas at the end of the week.

banana bread pancakes

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Editor’s note: This recipe was originally published on November 20, 2017.

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